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Heat Soaked Glass

Heat Soaked Glass
Sealed Window Glass
Toughened Safety Glass
Heat Strengthened Glass
Solar Glass
Frame Less Door
Frame Less Window
Silver Mirror
Structural Glazing
Industrial Thinners
Designer Glass for Home Decor
Insulated Glass for Windows
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LED Mirror

Heat Soaked Glass

Designed for Durability !

A signature product of Birkan Engineering Industries, Heat Soaked Glasses offered by us are made using the most advanced technology and high quality raw material. Highly appreciated for their quality and durability, our ranges of Heat Soaked Glasses are in high demand amongst our clientele both in India and abroad.

These types of glasses are the perfect example of the amalgamation of precision engineering and high quality raw materials. The demand for such type of glasses is expected to soar in the near future as both industrial and retail buyers demand value for money and want the best products made with the latest technology.

Decision-makers who make purchase decisions in companies located both in India and outside prefer to opt for our heat-soaked glasses as they are offered at the most competitive price-points.

What you can expect
♦ Low maintenance Cost
♦ Easy Installation
♦ High Durability


Product Specification
♦ Material used: Aluminum, Silver
♦ Size: As desired
♦ Glass Type: Float Glass