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Heat Strengthened Glass

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Heat Strengthened Glass

Technology at its best

At Birkan Engineering Industries, we lay extra emphasis on the development of Heat Strengthened Glass that is nearly double the strength of annealed glass. Heat Strengthened Glasses are in high demand by commercial users who want extra strength and higher thermal resistance from annealed glass. It is basically a semi-tempered glass which retains all the properties of ordinary float glass and these include: chemical resistance, hardness, expansion, and deflection with the exception of strength and breakage characteristics.

Our expertise lies in offering a wide variety of heat strengthened glasses in a variety of different specifications to suit the diverse requirements of our clients. It is the preferred heat treated glass product for applications where additional strength is required to meet high mechanical loads (wind or snow) or thermal loads caused by certain tinted or coated glasses. They are also used as laminated glass for additional strength, such as in overhead and sloped glazing.

Features of heat strengthened glass
♦ Superior Glass Retention properties
♦ Chemical resistance
♦ Surface compression


Product Specifications
♦ Material: Aluminum, Silver
♦ Size: As desired
♦ Glass type: Float Glass